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EscceGlof Sports Brand Season’s Greetings—TrendOne Shoes

Merry Christmas and Happy 2019 New Year!Hello all the trendOne friends: We really appreciated you together with trendOne Shoes for the past 2018 year, Because of your supports and efforts so we are continue to grow up with worldwide footwear business, Thank you and the great things about coming new year holiday is wish you enjoy the happiness time with your family and friends, Relax with a wonderful Christmas travel, Let us never to stop explore the new exciting shoes [...]

A Necessity Of Life—SHOES

Many women buy shoes when they are happy and when they are unhappy; They want to buy shoes to stimulate themselves when it is plain, And to buy shoes to reward themselves when they are proud. Anyway, women in the life are inseparable from all kinds of shoes. In fact, it is accurate to say that everyone is inseparable from shoes. However, shoes are also for occasion, good horses with good saddles, good clothes with good shoes, the suited [...]

Talking The Importance About Inclusion Of A Brand | trendOne Shoes

Brand is not just a logo, many kinds of logo can build a brand, Brand is the image of a company or an enterprise, is the pledge of the quality and reputation. What do you think about the importance of the inclusion of a brand? People can satisfy their material needs through a brand, also this is a mark for expressing people’s individuality or styles. Products can't be sold to one single person, everyone has their hobbyhorse, so, to protrude the [...]