2019 Summer Is Near and Knit & Woven Shoes Is Coming!

2019 Summer Is Near and Knit & Woven Shoes Is Coming!

A recent trend is for woven shoes that all called coconut shoes, because the Chinese transliteration, moreover, its appearance is very unique, the design of other brand shoes are not, in the design and performance on innovation and implanted into the popular element, through to challenge the traditional classical elements into the past, create innovative new products, since its birth, to attract fans to buy in the world, many stars are the loyal fans.

Some features of woven shoes: the inner part of the middle line is threaded until the top can be touched for inspection; The appearance of eye-catching hourglass type thick thread sewing method has similar manual effect, neat and regular, and about the shoes should be kept consistent, shoelace hole is very small, tied shoelace is not seen with the hole, the whole is tight.

The decorative pattern trend of shoe flank, in shoe heel position should be apparent to rise , build the motion line that gives dynamic fore rake, With the increase of various pressures and the diversification of decompression methods, this kind of woven shoes suitable for sports decompression are becoming more and more popular, and even more fashionable sense of shoes. The crochet shoe that a kind of surface has glance effect is popular again recently, not just dazzle is cool! Shoes are so comfortable that everything else seems inconvenient.

The shoes tide knows no bounds. Let’s follow it to the end, We believed the base spirit value of shoes is comfort and fashion, We like your opinion for this summer footwear trendy.

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