Ancient Chinese Outdoor Shoes—Xie Clogs

Ancient Chinese Outdoor Shoes—Xie Clogs

There is an ancient Chinese story about outdoor shoes, it goes like this:

Xie Lingyun, a poet in the southern Song dynasty, often wore wooden slippers when he went hiking, The wooden slippers have special wooden teeth on the palms of the front and back feet to prevent them from slipping on mountain roads, When Xie Lingyun went up the mountain, he removed the wooden teeth of the front shoe. When he went down the mountain, he installed the wooden teeth of the front shoe and removed the wooden teeth of the back shoe,This way, the mountain road, both easy, and can prevent slipping, is wonderful, His friends and followers followed suit.

After spreading out, the local people go up the mountain, also all wear this kind of wooden clogs, Because this kind of wooden clogs was invented by Xie Lingyun, so people call them Xie gongji(Xie Clogs), In modern society, we want a pair of outdoor shoes, there is no need to do as complicated disassembly and installation as Xie, just click the mouse to buy the outdoor shoes we want online.

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