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Used Shoes With trendOne To Turn Waste IntoTreasure

When you buy new shoes, there will always be some old shoes in your home. Don't throw your old shoes away. We will put dirt on them and turn them into treasure. Usually we have some old shoes at home, the old shoes are basically not worn, some even the bottom is broken holes, can not wear, often will throw it away, in fact, we can turn it into a treasure, the make it flowerpot. First, drill a hole in it. [...]

The Mystery Of Business Sneakers—Chino Lamborich

When it comes to "business," it's easy to associate business suits, ties and leather shoes with a more businesslike look. However, as the crossover, every field or gender boundaries between the increasingly blurred, assembling a class item is no longer exclusive urban white-collar workers, but by some players and style mashups to their shape, such as one of the most common pants + sneakers tees, cool girls are trying to suit jacket and tights combination and so on, anyway [...]

Summer Have a Pair Of Slit Skirt With Flat Bottom Shoe Show Your Big Long Leg

Fashionable sheet is tasted in endlessly, but not necessarily every suit everybody. Every year spring and summer want to appear of open the vent skirt to maintain fashionable degree while have ultrahigh reality to wear a gender again, no matter you are small person or it is the little fairy of flesh flesh, the golden triangle of open vent skirt can help your PS to give ferskyscraper big long leg! Slit Skirt + Flat Shoes Start road to smart and elegant [...]

Run Amok “Bump” Summer Does Not Have These Colour To Be Able To Do?

Natural beauty is worthy of admiration, but if late modification is not enough to drown in the sea is not impossible. Take spring and summer as an example. The season itself is brilliant enough. Color offers a lot of options, so go for it. Always thought that printing is a way of color contrast, but no direct collision of color, but with how much tenderness to dissolve. Printed leather is pieced together with pure color leather, which may be the [...]

You Need A Good Pair Of Shoes To Run All The Way To The Most Beautiful Season

Life is not so easy So you need "a good pair of shoes" to make this journey More fun to walk, more comfortable! Carrie from sex and the city It's not easy to find a pair of "beautiful shoes to wear and versatile shoes". Sports mixes have been popular in recent years, making sneakers popular for several years, despite the constant emergence of new styles and pieces Replace the loafers, but the loafers are still going strong. Loafers are always online all the year round. [...]

Flat Sandals, Give You Steady Happiness

What is happiness, in this full of vitality of the summer, the sun is full of street morning, about three or five good friends, with a pair of flat sandals attitude, release nowhere to waste energy, then, find a secluded shop, sit down to drink a few cups of coffee, tell each other about the fairy tale of firewood, rice, oil and salt, until the night...This situation, really really should be a lyric, I want steady happiness, this is [...]

Footwear Design Elements In 2020

Crumple and extrude tactile feeling to deserve to act the role of bring grain element and interest. Colour maintains contracted, downy neuter color is attention key, winter white also appears somewhat at the same time. The clutch that extrudes tactile sense and vamp broke formal modelling, echo with the trend photograph of loose drape. Minimalist jewelry has also come up with a new way of crushing metal to create personalized earrings and brooches. Mottled is an extension of terrazzo, the [...]

The Union Of Sportsman And Tide Bound!

A few years ago, sneakers were considered a shoe style that had nothing to do with fashion. But sneakers have become more common in recent years, as the definition of "formal" and "casual" has become more ambiguous. Especially in the last one or two years, the situation has reversed. Red to even if no exercise habits of the people, will also hoard a few pairs of sneakers to rest assured. In this wave of popularity, "sneaker" is the most [...]

What Shoes Are Most Comfortable To Wear In Summer

If there's a more satisfying feeling when the sun starts to shine than leaving the office and feeling the sand between your toes, we haven't found it yet. Unfortunately, unless you win the lottery, you only get a chance to do that once or twice a year, and the rest of the summer months are spent on the sidewalk -- keeping your shoes firmly on. So what shoes should you wear when temperatures rise, rather than the dreaded socks [...]

TrendOne Shoes Are Exhibition at HongKong Fashion Week Spring Expo 2019

We are exciting to announce that HongKong fashion week events Spring/Summer is quickly approaching and We are going to show our newest shoes collection, Mainly is fashion sandals and comfort moccasin loafers, Warmly welcome to visit our booth and discover our Independent pattern footwear designs for SS2020, Our booth number is: 1CON-SO Please kindly note the fair date and opening time: July 8-11, 2019  10:00am to 6:00pm. Looking forward to you coming, You visit are much appreciated, Should you require any [...]