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The international organization for standardization recently released the footwear standard ISO 17700: 2019

Recently, the international organization for standardization (ISO) issued ISO 17700:2019, the revision of the standard was completed by ISO/TC 216, replacing ISO 17700:2004.The new standard specifies three test methods (methods A, B, and C) to assess the color mobility of materials in dry and wet friction, and one method (method D) to determine the likelihood of color leakage. The methods specified in this standard apply to tops, linings and inner cushions made of various materials. Method D also applies [...]

Let’s learn about the four major shoe capitals in China

When it comes to China's shoe capital, many people may think of wenzhou as their first choice, but in fact, it's not just wenzhou that is being called China's shoe capital. Fujian. Is located in fujian province jinjiang, although only 38.4 square kilometers, but since the reform and opening, has called the world's biggest sports shoes production base, so-called "Chinese shoes", there are more than 3000 footwear manufacturing enterprise, the light of the listed company has 12, as we are [...]

What are brogues, oxfords, and derbies?

Why everybody feels the man of Europe is general very handsome, because European man pays attention to gentleman etiquette most, the sort of inherent temperament, it is the detail accumulation that pays attention to the shoe on the foot. The first thing to say here is Oxford shoes, Derby shoes are a type of shoe classification Brogues are not shoe type classification!!!! Brogue shoes It refers to the shoes with carved and hollow upper, and the shoes with jagged edges and splicing boundaries. Therefore, [...]

MICAM SHOEVENT in milan, Italy

MICAM SHOEVENT, one of the three major professional shoe shows in the world, is an international professional shoe show with great influence, high quality and large scale in Europe. Since its inception in 1969, the milan shoe show has gradually become the most important place for shoe manufacturers to explore the European market (especially the Italian market) and learn about the current international market trends and contract signing. Since September 2000, the milan shoe show has changed the previous way [...]

Customization is the future: 4D running shoes are constantly updated

With the explosive growth of artificial intelligence, virtual interaction, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, customization trend swept the world, automobile, sneakers, skin care products, cosmetics, accessories, food and other industry brands are actively launching "one-to-one" products or services, strive to win the future with non-standard products. Zara and Levi's both plan to offer bespoke jeans; Kao launched customized skin care products based on genetic information; Neutrogena released the first miniature 3d-printed Mask iD; Adidas 4D running shoes are [...]

The analysis about current situation and development prospect of 2019 sports industry—EscceGlof

Statistics show that thanks to the improvement of health awareness and the improvement of sports supporting facilities, Chinese people's participation in sports has increased significantly in recent years, and the demand for relevant sports products has increased. The sports apparel industry has developed rapidly. The size of China's sportswear market increased from 16.2 billion yuan in 2003 to 66.4 billion yuan in 2008. After that, due to the influence of macroeconomic environment, consumption upgrading and other factors, the growth rate [...]

AR shoe try-on App—lets you wear the latest fashion shoes not need going out

Every time I buy shoes, I have this confusion: Limited edition sale cannot try, the distance of shopping mall choose and buy is far, 1000 100 states see eye, the hand holds heavy money to buy shoe hard! If you want to know the taste of plums, you will know that you can't get hold of the shoes online, and the process of return and exchange is complicated. Is there a software like holographic projection that can try on shoes for [...]

Summer footwear quarterly report: sneakers may be hot for a few more seasons

In footwear, more and more consumers are prioritizing comfort and versatility. No wonder, then, that sportswear still accounts for a significant share of the market. According to NPD group's quarterly report on shoe sales, casual shoes once again outpaced fashion and performance shoes (including sandals, which are often popular in warm months). Sales in the sports lifestyle category, which NPD classifies as a leisure shoe subcategory, climbed 8% in the quarter, accounting for 85% of the growth in the leisure category [...]

The American shoe industry cannot decouple from China

Chairman of the American trade association: the American shoe industry cannot decouple from China. "Both U.S. and Chinese manufacturers and consumers are victims of the U.S. government's tariff policies, from which no one can benefit."Matt priest, President of the national footwear wholesalers and retailers association, recently told the newspaper. The American shoe wholesalers and retailers association has more than 500 member companies, accounting for 90% of the shoe manufacturers in the United States."There has always been a voice in the United [...]

China shoes manufacturers how to face the new tariffs from US

China shoes factories and US footwear importer will be hit with the new tariffs?  The American shoe industry has been one of the biggest casualties of the escalating trade war between the United States and China, US President ready announced a new round of tariffs on $300bn of Chinese imports that have not yet been levied. The 10% tariff will take effect from September 1. The new tariffs will affect consumer goods such as clothing, bedding and shoes. Shoe companies, in particular, will be hit hard. As much as 70% of shoes sold in the [...]