2020 Chinese New Year’s Holiday Notice

Dear TrendOne friends:To celebrate 2020 China traditional Spring Festival, TrendOne (QuanZhou ) Imp-Exp Co.,Ltd will have 9 days holiday that from January 23th to January 31th, And our office will be resume regular business on first February morning, Should you still need to any requirement or matters during our vacation, Please email us at: and we will respond to you A.S.A.P. Thank you very much for the cooperation as always and happy Chinese New Year! We wish you all [...]

Flat shoes are just as fashionable

For shoes that are both comfortable and stylish, I have to mention beanie shoes. The Moccasin shoes style diversity now, the shoe that belongs to you changes 100 times along with you. Our New Bentterly will make your life leisure and comfortable. Temperament ornament: not the same metal buckle, full of fun, when walking light and clever, fashion beautiful, release toe charm. Look after carefree: comfortable sureness, walk run jump all optional, walk oneself road, live beautiful and comfortable. Comfortable and breathable: [...]

Comfort him and you—New Bentterly

Choose a good pair of moccasin shoes and start to feel comfortable from the feet. When you're shopping, when you're dating, when you're working. New Bentterly choose soft delicate cowhide, texture clear, vamp crisp comfortable fit. Bowknot surrounds vamp, elegant medium takes a bit lively, elegant and clever. Comfortable cushion, breathable and not easy to grind feet, soft insoles, breathable, dry and skin-friendly, take care of women's tender feet, capricious do not wear socks are not afraid to grind feet.Makelah seam [...]

Fit your shoes-New Bentterly+秀曼特丽

Life to go a long way, we need to slowly understand and understand. hoes fit, only their feet know, comfortable is the intention we want to express, uncomfortable and beautiful shoes can not let us go further. Slow down and enjoy life. The good life starts with a comfortable walk every day.Fashionable round head design, graceful and long lines, comfortable toe movement space, litchi texture soft skin soft and comfortable, reduce the friction with foot skin, improve the comfort [...]

Charming urban style you deserve

You need a good pair of shoes for your long life. Warm winter sun, warm walk.This new design shoes choose soft and breathable litchi grain soft leather, crisp and durable, natural texture more temperament. Salt can be sweet, HOLD can live handsome royal sister fan, can also become sweet small fresh. Fashion ICON horse buckle is the eye-catching ornament of the toe. Metal buckle element enriches the vision and improves the sense of design. Close skin pig skin insoles, [...]

New Bentterly not the same for you – act the role of drill Moccasin shoes in winter

New Bentterly that Moccasin shoes circle diamond to build three-dimensional modelling, elegant atmosphere also bring some restore ancient ways, girls are sweet. Exquisite cowhide material, feel soft and comfortable, feeling stronger, softness comparable with folding shoes. Collocation is different dress, have different style, style follow one's heart, release true self. Is loved by every ICON, whether it is supermodel or web celebrity fashion beauty shoot, can't wait to wear out the street, suitable for a pair of good goods.Black, [...]

Girls want to have a sweet side, New Bentterly can do it

For girls, most people like sweet and lovely things. Our brand New Bentterly it is main the vamp material with the velvet skin, bowknot adornment collocation, fashion and leisure, sweet with a total of restoring ancient ways, was elected in the best fashion style. With downy and simple light tonal, the bowknot that does not innovate is decorated, show a woman's frank and easy and easy, no matter what kind of style dress, can match easily, build easily along [...]

What if you don’t want to wash your shoes?

What if you don't want to wash your shoes? Foreign invention automatic shoe washing machine, dirty shoes thrown in immediately become clean.As a lazy cancer terminal patient, to wash a shoe is resistent, the energy that ate milk to utter chi utter chi brush along while, did not brush clean do not say, the foot odour of that pure and fresh flies for a long time not to go. Some little associate for convenience, throw shoe directly inside washing [...]

A “handmaid’s tale” starring shoes

He does not consider the woman to be a "mature" work. In his view, "maturity" means "the sharpness has been worn away, the uniqueness has been smoothed out, the appearance of stability". He has no interest in doing mediocre, crowd-pleasing things. "do the most extreme thing you can, even if you get scolded."Zhou shengwei wrote and directed the stop-motion animated feature "female him" from the scrap heap.In 2013, when he graduated from college, he launched a wave of junk [...]

The rise of new retail shoe industry is a burst of marketing changes

The rise of new retail shoe industry a burst of shoe-driven changes in the industry.Blasting footwear shoes remit the emergence of new retail thoroughly for the entire retail industry reshuffle, from footwear new retail concept put forward by now the vigorous development of the shoe stores no wisdom, his every move has been praised by the society from all walks of life concern: blasting shoes send no sale entity shop, shop, warehouse, customer service, online shopping and offline unmanned [...]