Is it really that simple to introduce robots into the footwear industry?

1. Industry 4.0 machine replacement labor Industry 4.0 is defined as the fourth industrial revolution, which, like the previous mechanical, electrical and information technology revolutions, is of epoch-making significance.In the near future, intelligent factory, intelligent production and intelligent logistics may become the three major themes in the industry 4.0 era. To some extent, industry 4.0 can be understood as a great intelligent revolution in which machines replace labor. Industry 4.0 can directly connect people, equipment and products in real time. In [...]

What’s the difference between moccasin shoes and beanie shoes?

Both are handmade, but the easiest way to tell is that the sole of the beanie is made of rubber. Moccasin shoes are called sewing shoes and mark shoes. With flat bottom, comfortable for characteristic.(originally heelless) flat, soft leather shoe worn by north American indians. A generic term for a shoe that holds the upper and sole (uppers) together by hand stitching. All shoes made by blouner's technique of making shoes by hand can be called mark shoes, and mark shoes. [...]

How does a girl choose a good pair of shoes

The shoe quality performance mainly is the shoe structure material quality and the factory craft technical level, also has the factory to the detail control, namely: USES the material -- the cutting -- the lathe labor -- the molding several aspects. The following is a standard description of what we can see when choosing shoes. Quality of shoe material includes vamp and inside of shoe two parts, should distin guish leather authenticity       Natural skin characteristics:      1, Strong smell and [...]

Exhibition Info: MODA for autumn at Birmingham fashion fair, UK

Birmingham international clothing and footwear exhibition (hereinafter referred to as UK Moda), is the world's famous professional clothing and footwear expo, is also the British Isles largest footwear expo, the exhibition every spring and autumn in Birmingham, England. The exhibition is composed of five parts: Moda Woman, Moda Gent, Moda Footwear, Moda Lingerie & Swimwear and Moda Accessories. Each exhibition covers an area of more than 50,000 square meters. There are more than 1,450 international brands with the most [...]

The fashionable classics of slipper, begin from extraordinary!

In traditional impression, slipper is the existence that does not enter a stream all the time, go up already not hall hall, also do not go down kitchen, occasionally shine a photograph, those who convey still is casual when diffuse spirit. Only this year is not the same, the debut on a pair of manly posture, it seems to be prepared. Imagination has how powerful, the kind of match colors has how rich, facing a never-ending concept, how to create [...]

Shoe stores facing a slow season? TrendOne helps you have no off-season all year!

Any industry can have busy season and off-season cent, and the person that opens inn door to do business can worry about every year actually off-season. Today, we mention the shoe entity store's off-season how to do. Mention shoe store off-season, believe to be able to think of its to reflect on the sale achievement that drops an interest! So, how does shoe store face off-season to do? TrendOne: six sales strategies to make you fearless, easy to face [...]

Fit and fine: These shoes are made for running—EscceGlof

Summer is the season that suits running very much, the feeling that sweats lets you have kind of passion of life. But running requires a good pair of running shoes. The right shoes are essential to an overall efficient running form. Here’s how you should pick your running shoes. Research shows that people wearing cushioned shoes tend to land harder than if they were wearing less cushioned shoes. Jack decided to take up running to improve his fitness and lose [...]

How to make a date on Chinese valentine’s day with one suitable shoes?

I remember when I was young, I could still see the stars in the sky at night. Every summer, an old and young neatly moved a small bench to sit in the courtyard under the grape arbor a number of stars, and the grandmother told us the story of the cowherd and the weaver girl, It is qixi festival, the most romantic of all traditional Chinese festivals. Golden wind jade dew a meet, will win the world countless. How to [...]

How To Pack Shoes Correctly?

The packaging mode of the shoe industry is basically the same, all by these several structures to carry out packaging. Tote bag, but this is not all shoe factories do, tote bag is for the convenience of consumers to carry, the second is for beauty, brand publicity. Shoebox, the shoe in consumer hand basically USES shoebox to pack, but still have a part to do not have shoebox (for example the kind that farmer friend often wears below the [...]

Why is it healthiest to have at least four pairs of shoes per person?

Some people don't wear shoes very carefully, or even wear only one pair of shoes all year long, until it "strikes". But you know what? If every day with the same pair of shoes "inseparable", not only is not conducive to the maintenance of shoes, the foot health hazard is greater. Because, this is, the same pair of shoe suffers crural ministry for a long time and the repeated friction with the ground, can bring about shoe certain place to [...]