Chinese style shoes for women

Chinese style shoes for women

The scenery of the whole world is under your feet, you are not only walking, but also enjoying life.

Simple leather upper, soft cowhide, elegant embroidery, soft and elastic leather, compatible with the skin and do not rub the feet, Chinese style embroidery decoration uppers, show dignified temperament.

Shoes upper embroider made delicate flower, needle method changeful and exquisite, showing the delicate and soft light spirit of the flower. A needle is exquisite stitch lets embroider had administrative levels feeling, the beautiful self-confidence that lets you blossoms. In the small town, he slowly stews the plants and trees of the time, but the story is still in the beginning. China’s tenderness, China’s softness, are all displayed thoroughly.

Massage shoe bed skin care sole, put on foot feeling soft bullet, walk comfortable and save effort.

Comfortable soft sole, heel 3cm, just right, long walk not tired, like jelly soft bullet, fit walking bending state, soft foot feeling experience, light and easy to wear.

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Chinese style shoes for women


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