How to let “buy shoe” return market reason

How to let “buy shoe” return market reason

In recent years, shoe speculation has become the hottest topic. A pair of shoes that cost 1,999 yuan will go up to 30,000 yuan in the second-hand market a day later. Skyrocketing prices have made some people easy to make a lot of money through shoe speculation, which has been fueled by stories of sudden wealth online.

Huge demand is driven by crazy profits.In the eyes of capital, everything is speculation. Hot chase popular logo itself is not wrong, but they keep buying fashionable shoes, also objectively for the market speculation to provide confidence. The long line of buyers in front of brick-and-mortar stores and the rush to buy them have filled people’s imagination of unlimited opportunities for fashionable shoes.

“Buying shoes can also earn a lot of money”, this “spending money” into “earning money” consumption way, let some young people found a more convenient than “web celebrity” “live” “sudden wealth” opportunity. Hype has not only raised the cost of shoes for ordinary fans, but also caused a lot of market problems. Pilfer copy, swindle phenomenon is more and more intense, also bring negative effect to the brand. The crazy buying offline and large-scale trading online show the huge demand and potential of the shoe market, creating the foundation of “speculation shoes”. The hyped group will buy the fashionable shoes, hoard them and sell them at a high price, which is also an emotional injury to loyal consumers.

Whether for the sake of protecting the interests of fashionable shoe fans or for the sustainable development of sports brands, we need to pay attention to the phenomenon of “crazy sneakers”. Real fire fire shoes have to open the floodgates, formed a complete industrial chain for the shoes, capital after intervention – many people rush to buy the purpose of to hype, will only make the tide shoes market to produce more bubble, “manufacturer’s plays, shoes for singing opera, many buyers, retail investors pay” on it, the top-down industry chain, let everybody from the brand distributors to the retail investors become “one in the same boat”, in order to their own interests also want to fry.

“See it rise tall, see it feast guests, see it collapse.”This is what happened to many speculators after the bubble burst, and perhaps will happen to those who trade shoes. It is essentially a game of speculators, with different targets, but once the bubble bursts, the shoe-speculators may be saddled with more. Markets are inherently blind, spontaneous and lagging, and when the invisible hand fails, the visible hand should function. And from the current shoe market, regulation is missing. The craze of “shoe-speculation” has deviated from the normal law of value, and it cannot be explained by scarcity premium. The bubbles, risks and various problems that have formed need not only timely follow up by supervision, but also need businesses and players to form consensus and return to market rationality.

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