The history of moccasins leather shoes in trendOne

The history of moccasins leather shoes in trendOne

   TrendOne moccasins shoes are the perfect way to pamper your feet, They are make yourself comfortable and have only been tried on, Feeling completely free and never worn, Our moccasins is made with genuine leather and features a flexible sole, When you have one travel, Such as holiday travel, Business travel, Airplane travel etc, Slip into soft and comfort without sacrificing style, You will feel like walking on the air, Let these incredible moccasins take you to new places and enjoy all of your travel.

How trendOne making one moccasin leather shoes step by step?

1, Design or create a new pattern for go ahead the job, This step is very important for finally which style you will have.

2, Transfer your paper pattern to the actual leather and cutting it, So you have all the soft leather pieces for ready next step, Of course, You have to take out the excess leather and only leave yourself with the leather that will become your shoes.

3,  Upper stitching by hand and sewing by machine, It may sound like not so easy, This is how moccasins are made, Sewing begins at the toe and end of the heel, And then stitch together the sides and back of the shoes with the rest parts, It is an important step.

4, Outsole construction is the last step but it is the most difficult, It involves folding and holding untill all of stitchs have been complete, Once this well done that been your moccasins shoes are ready.

5, Packing with inner box and wrap paper to assure the moccasins in good condition,Plus good dressing and trendOne moccasins shoes should be popular in every corner of the world.

Review the trendOne moccasins since 1999, Everyone like comfortable for walking as always, This is the truth that why today trendOne shoes invested more for it, And we try to bring the fashion trendy together with comfort, We aim to trendOne moccasins shoes are very good looking and very comfortable.

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