Is it really that simple to introduce robots into the footwear industry?

Is it really that simple to introduce robots into the footwear industry?

1. Industry 4.0 machine replacement labor

Industry 4.0 is defined as the fourth industrial revolution, which, like the previous mechanical, electrical and information technology revolutions, is of epoch-making significance.In the near future, intelligent factory, intelligent production and intelligent logistics may become the three major themes in the industry 4.0 era.
To some extent, industry 4.0 can be understood as a great intelligent revolution in which machines replace labor. Industry 4.0 can directly connect people, equipment and products in real time. In the factory, the overall cost (including labor cost, material cost, management cost, etc.) is greatly reduced.
2, to force you into the machine age

In fact, at present, many enterprises have entered the era of machine replacement at a rapid pace, and even many provinces and cities have set up demonstration zones for the development of robot industry.
Take guangdong province as an example. Industrial transformation and upgrading is the key strategy of guangdong province, among which using robots to automate production is a key plan. Therefore, guangdong province plans to build a robot industry development demonstration zone in four years.
In addition, the machine replacement work in zhejiang is also in full swing, and hangzhou xiaoshan is the location of the key robot industrial park in zhejiang province. Under the background of made in China 2025 strategy and Internet + strategy, thousands of enterprises are undergoing transformation and upgrading.
In fact, a few years ago, many companies began the robotics era.Specifically, in July 2013, Shanghai electromechanical increased its capital and became a 51% shareholder of nabot transmission, formally entering the field of industrial robots.At present, Shanghai mechanical and electrical machinery is starting to adjust the printing and packaging machinery business, and increase investment in the robot industry.Oriental seiko, one of the world’s top five corrugated carton printing equipment enterprises, subscribed for 20% of shares of jiateng robot in cash on June 23, 2014, becoming the second largest shareholder of jiateng robot. Sunde shares acquired shenzhen daewoo precision carving technology with a total price of 980 million yuan on August 19, 2014 for the layout of robot business.
Although machine replacement technology is one of the key development strategies in the future industry 4.0 era, one of the facts that cannot be ignored at present is that China’s industrial robot technology is not yet mature, and the reckless introduction may even drag down the development of enterprises.
In fact, as domestic robot technology is not mature, some enterprises spend a large amount of money to introduce robots, but idle due to poor quality, but enterprises are in a crisis due to capital chain tension. Take an enterprise producing electronic transformer in gaobu, dongguan as an example. The original staff of this enterprise is more than 2,000 people. In recent years, the company has introduced a large number of machine hands. However, the quality of the products produced by the robot hand is much worse than that of the manual hand, and it is difficult to meet customer requirements. As a result, the company’s capital chain is tight, and it is forced to relocate to loudi, hunan province.
Therefore, for those who want to carry out machine replacement engineering enterprises, the quality of shoes products produced after machine replacement is a key issue to consider.

Is it really that simple to introduce robots into the footwear industry

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