Let’s learn about the four major shoe capitals in China

Let’s learn about the four major shoe capitals in China

When it comes to China’s shoe capital, many people may think of wenzhou as their first choice, but in fact, it’s not just wenzhou that is being called China’s shoe capital.

Fujian. Is located in fujian province jinjiang, although only 38.4 square kilometers, but since the reform and opening, has called the world’s biggest sports shoes production base, so-called “Chinese shoes”, there are more than 3000 footwear manufacturing enterprise, the light of the listed company has 12, as we are familiar with anta, 361 degrees, such as Jordan shoes brand made from here, it was the title of “Chinese shoes are” jinjiang is not given by state, but a clever jinjiang will suffix sneakers three words also omitted, can say has been very hard for the title of “Chinese shoes”.

Guangdong. Southern metropolis daily, a newspaper based in guangdong province, published a big report about the location of “Asia’s largest shoe city” in guangzhou. A report that a group of members of the guangdong shoe manufacturers association had hatched a plan to create the largest shoe city in Asia caused an uproar, but after market research, the stunt turned out to be more of a stunt than a threat to wenzhou.

Chongqing. With the industry pattern is changing, shoes are moving westward, the wenzhou shoe industry giant aokang in 2600 acres of industrial park, going to the chongqing construction after the completion of hundreds of well-known at home and abroad will be introduced shoemaking enterprise, wenzhou shoe industry giant red dragonfly also are interested in establishing production base of leather shoes, if successful, that bring great changes for chongqing, west and the shoes all titles will be natural.

Wenzhou. Wenzhou is one of the cradles of the Chinese shoe industry, has a long history, as early as in the southern song dynasty, it has a leather industry in wenzhou, after the reform and opening up, wenzhou shoes all over at home and abroad, won several first, although during because inferior questioned, but fortunately, setting out the wenzhou people of good faith, this year, “” China shoes, wenzhou third review through, wenzhou is worthy of the name” Chinese shoes are”

But wenzhou aim on “Chinese shoes are” not just, more want to be in wenzhou “shoes all of the world”, as the wenzhou local shoe brands to accelerate the internationalization, and the establishment of international shoes city mall in wenzhou, make wenzhou had the potential to “the shoes all of the world”, as the key pillar industry in wenzhou, in the enterprise and the government’s efforts, will become the world’s shoes all have influence in the international market.

four major shoe capitals in China

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