The handicraft outsole—Chinese culture

The handicraft outsole—Chinese culture

Throughout the history of shoe evolution, shoe culture has always been through the people’s handicraft skills, integrated in the folk life of all living beings, and contained in the cultural heritage of the Chinese nation. Straw sandals, wooden clogs, ten fruit shoes, embroidery shoes, sticky boots, leather shoes…The change of Chinese history can be felt from the perspective of shoe culture.

And handmade cloth shoe is right for a lot of 60 hind, 70 hind person, the object that cannot forget more, in a certain corner of old home, still can find perhaps childhood memory. Awl is one of the essential items for making cloth shoes. Sole son thick, must use awl to make an eye, reoccupy needle and thread na good tighten, a needle a line, come in the hand of clever woman a time adroitly flips. Sole son wants to take flatly whole, obedient, stitch even and fine, without many years of basic skills is not good. Later, rubber sole son and plastic sole son appeared, and gradually popular, many family use direct buy shoes soles, cut a upper cloth sewed up, is a pair of new shoes, rather than cloth shoes bottom, saves a lot of effort, is durable, and are not afraid of wet, is the best of both worlds, that is from then on, cotton shoes this craft is less. Now the people who wear cloth shoes are less and less, the people who can do cloth shoes are even less and less, it is estimated that now the mother’s generation of people can do shoes is very little. And cloth shoe of 1000 layer bottom, also became a homesickness of a lot of people.

These items can be found at the jinfuxiang shoe culture museum on haizi street in pingyao’s ancient city. This shoe culture museum has collected various shoe cultural relics of past dynasties more than 1000 pairs, thousand-layer bottom, wedding shoes, embroidered shoes…There is a historical story behind each pair of shoes, and each pair of shoes contains unique local cultural characteristics, telling the development process of shoe culture. The museum is divided into six sections with four pavilions. The first exhibition hall is the history of the development of Chinese shoe culture. It shows the 5,000 years of Chinese shoe culture in the form of dynastic history, reflecting the uniqueness and continuity of shoe material culture in various historical stages. The second exhibition hall is the shoe culture and history museum of Shanxi Province. 11 stories show different shoe cultures in 6 regions of Shanxi Province. It not only displays the history and culture, but also adds interest to the exhibition. The third exhibition hall is pingyao jinfuxiang shoe industry development history hall, which introduces the establishment, inheritance, transformation and innovation of jinfuxiang in detail. The fourth pavilion is the interactive technology experience pavilion, which integrates the interactive technology experience with the exhibition and sales. All kinds of cloth shoes and embroidered shoes make people marvel.

Jin fu xiang shoe culture museum founder wang guozhong and his son wang yue fei, is a true shoe culture experts. In the kingdom, wang yuefei inherited his ancestors’ handwork in making cloth shoes. His son wang yuefei combined his ancestors’ craftsman spirit with the culture of jin merchants to create pingyao shoes intangible cultural heritage and innovate shoe culture. As the fourth-generation inheritor of hand-made shoes in jinfuxiang, wang yuefei believes that to inherit shoe culture in the ancient city of pingyao, a world cultural heritage, we should not only pass down the skills of shoemaking, but also combine the spirit of craftsmen of ancestors with the culture of jin merchants, and actively create the intangible cultural heritage of shoemaking in pingyao.

From the initial study of making a living by making shoes, to the present inheritance of handmade cloth shoe skills and dissemination of shoe culture, four generations of people in the kingdom really love and understand shoes and are making shoes with feelings to spread the essence of cloth shoe culture and create the cultural value of cloth shoes. Come to jinfuxiang shoe culture museum, see the cloth shoes made by needle and thread, will let people go through the gaps of time, in the gorgeous light and shade of looking back, experience the beauty, the warmth.


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