The Most Fashionable Shoes-Clunky Sneaker

The Most Fashionable Shoes-Clunky Sneaker

Perhaps a lot of people do not like “daddy shoe”, but must say this kind of ancient early culture has invaded the gap in sneaker society.

But what exactly is “daddy shoe”?” Old dad’s shoes” have been making Clunky Sneakers for the past two years, and they’ve been popular with a wide range of iconic figures. They have a sophisticated design, a sense of order in a chaotic environment, and are generally described as “tourist shoes” by their parents.

Want to say new generation “old dad shoe” agitation, many people about its impression is the first eye is ugly explode, the 2nd eye is fashionable, the 3rd eye does not buy a heart to itch.

Its first generation came out in 2013, and fashionistas who had the courage to wear it risked the “sneakers” moniker, In fact, no one knows popular come from, just like its comfortable. A few years later, it is still evolving, and its position is unchallenged.

It is with thick soles and composed structure design, with leather style restoring ancient ways, whether it is pure sharp dirty, or match the derive from the printed spirit or red and green ribbon, mix build leather material, texture net cloth, lines create a retro futuristic heavy and complicated, with retro feeling, salute to the vogue of long wisdom.

So-called trend, or call halfback, sense is not seen a part of the novel, “old dad’s shoes for chasing fashion, is the” new “have not seen for a long time, and now is the era of style bold mix build, old dad’s shoes when tie-in dress, can follow the fashion, also can achieve the aesthetic feeling of balance each other, why not? Each road fashionable stars also can’t wait to pedal on old daddy shoe, really not fashionable not line!

What do you think about this kind of special sneakers and welcome the new footwear vendor reach with us and partner up with trendOne shoes, It will be so exciting and interesting work together with our professional team.

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