The Newest Technology Soles of Basketball Shoes, Running Shoes And Sneaker

The Newest Technology Soles of Basketball Shoes, Running Shoes And Sneaker

Nowadays sneaker sneaker manufacturer is much, brand kind is much also, so the sneaker of different brand has different sole technology and patent. Today small make up for you to check the basketball shoes and other shoes sole, so that you have a general understanding of sports sole technology!

The major manufacturers in the shoe technology investment, the benefit of today’s basketball fans. But a pair of matching basketball shoes, doomed to its own value, is not friendly to many limited friends. Thankfully, basketball shoes today cover a wide range of areas. Throughout the shoe market, it’s not hard to experience today’s top technology in a limited economy. Today small make up to slow shock technology as a starting point, only 500 yuan, can be the major brands of slow shock technology experience.

Sole zoom technology

ZOOM will be familiar to anyone familiar with NIKE. As NIKE’s signature shock-absorbing technology, ZOOM is already widely used in its sneakers. Born in 1995, this iconic cushioned technology remains the industry leader for more than 20 years. It is mainly composed of air cushion and nylon fiber. When the air cushion is compressed, it plays a role of cushioning, and at the same time, the air pressure inside the fiber and the air cushion completes rebound feedback together. This technique is used in many basketball shoes to change the feel of the foot by varying the size and pressure of the air cushy.

As the signature technology of NIKE, it is impossible to feel the soft elastic feeling brought by the full palm air cushion in the middle and low-end sneakers. However, the ZOOM air cushion of the front or back palm is also very useful in the actual combat at ordinary times. Owen 3, as the current sales champion of actual shoes market, basically continues the second-generation configuration. The startup module of independent partition is the biggest selling point, and the shape of shoes is enough to make people shine. The outsole grain of brand new design matches the actual combat demand that XDR material pledges is done easily on grasping ground wear-resisting. Compared with the canceled Velcro design in the second generation, it still performs very well in the package. Prices generally hover around 530, but with shopping, it’s easy to start with a price below 500.Missed friends can also pay attention to our insight group oh ~

Max air technology

The Max Air was an earlier version of NIKE’s hovermat, introduced in 1987 and older than ZOOM. It is an improvement on the Air Sole cushioning cushion, which was born in 1979.It is relatively transparent, without fiber pulling, and the lower pressure is more focused on earthquake mitigation. Once widely used in James’ sneakers, it is now more common in running shoes.

Infuriate is NIKE low-end shoes roster is a very high cost performance, concise and streamlined shoe body, the design of low help also very suitable for defender dressed. The most outstanding shoe is its package feeling, fly line technology and hot melt vamp can bring outstanding lock effect. The Air Max, though not perfect, is a good outfield shoe for his price.

The React of science and technology

Nike hit back with the new react material just in time for adidas to launch its new BOOST technology and take over the market. As one of NIKE’s key strategies, it abandoned the original EVA material and made it with a new chemical formula. With a perfect balance of lightness, cushioning and durability, it solves the problem of Lunarlon’s limited life. Without early run-in, you can feel it on the field of good soft feeling.

This new technology is currently only available for sofi-hd models, and in the tenth year of hyperdunk, we’re seeing the new HD2017, still a continuation of the series’ usual combat performance. Thanks to the addition of the bottom of the react, the foot on the shoe feels soft. The upper is available in two versions of engineering mesh and cow leather, which can be used in actual combat or at ordinary times. According to the pressure distribution data developed sole pattern and XDR wear-resistant outsole, grasp the ground performance is very strong. Although the shoes are currently priced around 550, it’s easy to get them for less than 500 during promotional campaigns on various platforms.

Bounce technology

Adidas has a new cushioned rebound midsole, similar to the simplified version of BOOST. With traditional foaming materials made of buffer in the bottom, compared to Bounce besides have the cushioning properties, geometric module is designed to help athletes will ground force feedback on foot at the same time, through the deformation of foaming material, spread of vertical pressure, and the outer wall of the elastic tension, shoes able to return to the original shape from the ground, into the power, not only guarantees the cushioning performance, also provides plenty of power. It is now the main shockproof material in the adidas mid-range range.

It was announced that lillard 4 would be the last generation of lillard series due to poor sales. True or false, lillard series, which is always focused on cost performance, is a good choice for field combat. In order to better alleviate the phenomenon of pressure on the instep, the design of the shoe tongue was eliminated on this generation, and the shoes were made into an integrated design more in line with the trend, with better wrapping. Still with the Bounce cushion-proof technology, the shoes are now available in groups for under 500, making them more affordable to buy at major promotional events.

The BOOST science and technology

The Boost cushioning material, developed by adidas in collaboration with basf, has had unparalleled performance since its inception. Boost has a rebound index that can only be described as extraordinary, and traditional foamed EVA can’t match it. The TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is broken up like popcorn into thousands of tiny energy capsules that are extremely resilient, and the tiny particles that can be stored and released are molded into the midsole. With its soft bottom, more powerful performance, better energy absorption feedback, and more stability, full-hand Boost is now widely used in adidas high-end basketball shoes.

Crazylight Boost, which launched in 2015, has been a hit with adidas since then. As the team’s hot shoe style, there are no shortage of harden, Laurie, Jeremy Lin and other stars on the foot. Although the shoes are popping up all over the place these days, they cost around 600 yuan each. The CLB2015 blend into the braided upper is great for breathability, and with the addition of BOOST technology, the comfort of the shoe has improved dramatically. Thanks to the midsole’s anti-torsion system, the body is very protective.

Li ningyun technology

Through chemical bond recombination, EVA, TPE(thermoplastic elastomer) and rubber elements and other polymer materials with different physical properties were successfully polymerized to form the basic framework. Moreover, “air bag” was generated by adding blowing agent, which rapidly absorbed energy and formed shock absorption. When the compression deformation of “air bag” reaches the extreme, the polymer material with excellent toughness and resilience will quickly return to its original state, releasing energy, returning the force received and forming resilience. Cloud technology is also li ning’s most widely used technology in basketball shoes.

Li ning’s recent performance in shoe design has really caught people’s eye. Yu shuai 11, launched this summer, has become the new beginning of domestic socks. Yu shuai, taking 10 years as the new starting point, adopts the one-piece shoe body design, the fabric with hot melt lines of the upper, to show the brand LOGO of li ning in the form of luminous. Extend shoelace to ankle place all the time, can give foot ministry to be like socks general tight send fit feeling. In the aspect of cushioning, the shoes not only use the cloud four generation cushioning technology of the whole hand, but also add the black technology of nut insoles and SAS synchronous coordination system, which has excellent actual combat performance. The purchase price of shoe part match colors is below 500 at present, be worth to purchase very much.

Cushion & Bounse technology

Before li ningyun science and technology prevails, li ning basically USES on the use of basketball shoe science and technology is cushion and bounse two kinds of slow shock material, li ning’s peak of wade’s way, is to combine with the form of these two kinds of materials. Cushion is located at the back of the palm and plays a role in shock absorption. Compared with ordinary materials, bounse + can increase the cushioning effect by 65%. Bounse + is generally used in the front palm and can increase the rebound force by 25% compared with ordinary materials.

These two forms of combination can only be experienced in the way of wade. Under the premise of limited budget, we might as well try the upper foot feeling brought by two kinds of slow vibration materials. The first recommendation for everyone is li ning to force as the design concept launched the air raid 4, as the latest air raid series, four generation of the strength of the appearance of the domineering, one-piece upper let the overall shoes more fluid. As a strength type combat boot, the last of the front palm is relatively wide and easy to cause sliding, while the thickened stuffing of the back palm can wrap the feet tightly. What is used in slow shock respect is li ningyun +Cushion slow shock science and technology, the collocation of innovation also lets a shoe obtain common foot feeling

Li ning’s other signature line, blitz, also USES an integrated fabric upper for the fourth generation. The blitz series, which is designed with a flexible design concept, still maintains a good sense of speed and does not procrastinate when starting. The vamp was added with a similar dynamic fly line design, and the heel was treated with a TPU stabilizer. Ankle under the packing material, locking feeling good. In terms of mitigation, Bounses mitigation technology is still used.

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