The Possibilities Of Opportunity Are Endless—Shoes Story

The Possibilities Of Opportunity Are Endless—Shoes Story

A few days ago I saw an anecdote about starting a shoe line – there is no one wears shoes on the island, Let’s see what kind of anecdote this is.

Two shoe factories in England and the United States each sent a salesman to an island in the Pacific Ocean to find a market. The day after the two salesmen arrived, each sent a telegram back to his factory. One telegram read: “no one is wearing shoes on this island. I will take the first plane back tomorrow.” Another telegram read: “very well, no one on this island wears shoes, and I shall be stationed here to promote them.”

After seeing this, are there something about your feelings, thoughts, or insights? I really think that a wise man creates more opportunities than he finds and the possibilities of opportunity are endless before you try it. Give yourself the confidence to do the best you can.

I remember that there is someone says: “Anyone can look at fashion in a store, history in a museum, But creative trailblazers read history in hardware stores and fashion on airplane runways.”

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