What if you don’t want to wash your shoes?

What if you don’t want to wash your shoes?

What if you don’t want to wash your shoes? Foreign invention automatic shoe washing machine, dirty shoes thrown in immediately become clean.

As a lazy cancer terminal patient, to wash a shoe is resistent, the energy that ate milk to utter chi utter chi brush along while, did not brush clean do not say, the foot odour of that pure and fresh flies for a long time not to go. Some little associate for convenience, throw shoe directly inside washing machine wash, shoe is easy to open glue not to say, the harm to washing machine is very big also, abominable bacterium and stink still remain in shoe, can you not have a kind of method already can liberate both hands, can you wash shoe clean again?

A foreign company invented a ultrasonic automatic shoe washing machine, its appearance is similar to a small washing machine, put the shoes in a short time to clean. It not only cleans shoes quickly, but also removes odors and kills bacteria.

Ultrasonic shoe-washing machine volume is not big, the appearance is a small bucket, usually put in the corner will not occupy too much space. And it comes with a one-button wash fool mode, press the switch, the machine will wash the shoes automatically, whether the old or the young can use.

Let’s take a look at how to use it. First fill the shoe washer with water and mix it with detergent. Then remove the bracket from the shoe washer. Finally, the switch is pressed and the machine begins to work.

Wash shoes machine use static micro shock and high power pulse oxygen ion technology, machine operation in the process of micro wave can be generated during the compression stage high energy wave two-way stretch, through the dirt on the surface of the liquid flow and impact acceleration effect of shoes, and let the dirt deep clean so as to achieve the effect of the scattered, whether upper or shoe, soles, dirt, can be cleaned completely.

In less than 30 minutes, a pair of old sneakers can be transformed into new ones. Before cleaning the shoes dusty, dirty to hard to look at, after cleaning the surface of the stain disappeared, simply more than hand wash clean. Bring your shoes up close and the smell of your feet will be replaced by a scent of laundry detergent.

Compared to traditional scrubbing, the automatic shoe washer does not damage the fabric structure of the upper, and its ultrasonic waves can reach far beyond the reach of the brush. Compared with rough brush shoes, washing shoes with a washing machine is more gentlemanly, can free both hands, and can be easily completed washing shoes.

To cooperate to wash shoes machine work, the company also developed a set of cleaning, sterilization, disinfection, care in one of the bubble, it is understood that the bubble cleaning ability is equivalent to 100 ml of laundry detergent, when used directly into the washing machine or wash shoes machine, only need one minute can dissolve quickly, to achieve the effect of deep cleaning and disinfection.

SOLIVE ultrasonic shoe washing machine in some treasure price 400 yuan, in foreign a shoe washing machine equivalent to 522 yuan, the price is very affordable. Have this shoe washing machine, you can wear new shoe to go out everyday, need not complex operation, need to press button only, can finish washing shoe job easily, it is the good news of lazy cancer patient simply. But will you wash your aj with him?

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