Why is it healthiest to have at least four pairs of shoes per person?

Why is it healthiest to have at least four pairs of shoes per person?

Some people don’t wear shoes very carefully, or even wear only one pair of shoes all year long, until it “strikes”. But you know what? If every day with the same pair of shoes “inseparable”, not only is not conducive to the maintenance of shoes, the foot health hazard is greater.

Because, this is, the same pair of shoe suffers crural ministry for a long time and the repeated friction with the ground, can bring about shoe certain place to be out of shape, especially the person with tall weight, much walk, large amount of exercise, be out of shape is particularly serious. Wear such shoe for a long time, can make crural ministry corresponding place, if sufficient antedilubic, outside little toe or the corneous layer between two toes thickens, form thick cocoon or corns. When that happens, it’s time to change your shoes.

For those who have been engaged in the standing industry for a long time, such as flight attendants, teachers, salespersons, conductors and waiters in the catering industry, this kind of situation needs special attention.

Normally, you should have at least four pairs of shoes each season: two pairs of leather shoes, one pair of cloth shoes, and one pair of sports shoes. Formal occasions such as work often wear leather shoes, its wear time is the longest, it is best to prepare two pairs in order to change;

Cloth shoes are not only light and soft, but also have good air permeability and moisture absorption, especially suitable for casual, travel, indoor, driving and other occasions.

Athletic shoes are essential “equipment” for outdoor sports, and should always be available. In addition, the shoe with excellent sole is the main “accomplice” that induces crural disease, had better bend sole when choose and buy, more easy twist and elastic sole, wear more comfortable.

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