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TrendOne Shoes Holiday Notice for 2019 Chinese New Year’s Festival

Dear all our partners and friends:First of all, Thanks very much for you continue supports as always and to celebrate 2019 Chinese New Year---The grandest spring festival, All the staffs of trendOne Shoes International will be have a 10 days holiday, The details are as follows: The holiday arrangment is from first February to February 10th, Should you still need to something urgently and please kindly feel free to email us, We will pleased to answer you as soon [...]

Sports Is The Highest Return Investment In The World

What is the highest return on your investment? Let us share the expenience each other. Not long ago, there was a pair of "fitness father and son" to burst the circle of friends. The father of 53 years old becomes very negative because of business failure, do nothing to drink at home during the day, also do nothing to drink at home at night...Day in and day out, not only beer belly is bigger and bigger, each index of the body, [...]

A Newest Way Of Decompressing –Hiking With trendOne Shoes

How do you think about the pressure in the present life? How do you think about decompressing? Which way do you like to decompress? There is no such thing as a complete absence of psychological stress. Especially in the contemporary life of various environments: living environment, learning environment or work environment and so on. Emotional accumulation to a certain extent, we must pay attention to timely catharsis. Catharsis can be done by going to the gym, hiking, or finding something that attracts you. [...]