Monthly Archives - February 2019

An alternative story about shoes — the dignity of shoes

Does the shoe have dignity after all? Or how important are shoes to a person? Is it just a necessary tool for us to walk? I think the below two stories are worth thinking about. At the same time, we also believe that only designers who endow shoes with dignity and life can make truly comfortable shoes. What do you think? Story 1: In front of a shoe store, a luxurious lady was trying to choose leather shoes. At last, she [...]

China Premium Sneakers EscceGlof Brand Grand Opening

The new showroom of EscceGlof sneakers had a grand opening in sports shoes capital JinJiang, China. Meantime, At the beginning of 2019 new year our EscceGlof sports brand open his offical website to provide you with luxury sneakers made from China with huge samples selection, In every new season for the latest put into fresh styles is around 900 SKU, Our service promised is Excellent & Quality & On time. We are sincerely welcome the sneaker wholesalers and retailers selling through [...]