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On The Road—Footprints Confirm Miracles

If there is a further destination, please let me know.Vision.Great vision, always let the long road to success full of courageYes, foresight is always the prelude to great things.To walk.The process between vision and feat is called walking.Somehow, in this utilitarian world, it seems outdated.But it is walking that brings out the precious wild instincts that have been with us since the beginning of time.Why do you like walking?The answer is: walking in the process can find their own [...]

Jinjiang Sports Shoes Development History And Current Situation

Jinjiang city of Fujian province is the largest shoes industry base in Asia, Special for sport shoes and sneakers products, And its industrial effect is obvious to all. "China's shoe capital" has broad connotation and far-reaching influence.Why does Jinjiang become shoe capital?One, industry gathers hasten shoes city:China shoes capital project carries the mission of Jinjiang shoe industry development and emerges at the historic moment in Jinjiang shoe industry cluster, Modern enterprises have entered the era of small profits, the [...]

2019 Summer Is Near and Fashion Knit Woven Shoes Is Coming!

A recent fashion trend is for woven shoes that all called coconut shoes, because the Chinese transliteration, moreover, its appearance is very unique, the design of other brand shoes are not, in the design and performance on innovation and implanted into the popular element, through to challenge the traditional classical elements into the past, create innovative new products, since its birth, to attract fans to buy in the world, many stars are the loyal fans.Some features of woven shoes: [...]

The Most Fashionable Shoes-Clunky Sneaker

Perhaps a lot of people do not like "daddy shoe", but must say this kind of ancient early culture has invaded the gap in sneaker society.But what exactly is "daddy shoe"?" Old dad's shoes" have been making Clunky Sneakers for the past two years, and they've been popular with a wide range of iconic figures. They have a sophisticated design, a sense of order in a chaotic environment, and are generally described as "tourist shoes" by their parents.Want to [...]

Ancient Chinese Outdoor Shoes—Xie Clogs

There is an ancient Chinese story about outdoor shoes, it goes like this:Xie Lingyun, a poet in the southern Song dynasty, often wore wooden slippers when he went hiking, The wooden slippers have special wooden teeth on the palms of the front and back feet to prevent them from slipping on mountain roads, When Xie Lingyun went up the mountain, he removed the wooden teeth of the front shoe. When he went down the mountain, he installed the wooden [...]

The Possibilities Of Opportunity Are Endless—Shoes Story

A few days ago I saw an anecdote about starting a shoe line – there is no one wears shoes on the island, Let's see what kind of anecdote this is.Two shoe factories in England and the United States each sent a salesman to an island in the Pacific Ocean to find a market. The day after the two salesmen arrived, each sent a telegram back to his factory. One telegram read: "no one is wearing shoes on this [...]

Why Is the Comfort Shoes Very Popular Around The World

Comfort Shoes, just as the name implies is to give a person with comfortable feeling. So, what kind of shoe is comfortable: the shoe that suits your foot model most, the shoe that can let your feet feel release more is the most comfortable, Such as: Moccasins loafers, Casual shoes, Leisure shoes…etc.So why are comfortable shoes popular around the world?I think one of the reasons is that people need to exercise. Besides the physical benefits, sports may be more [...]