Careers at trendOne Shoes—Join us to build your dreams

Careers at trendOne Shoes—Join us to build your dreams

Are you the one we are looking for? You understand shoes from Ballerina Flat to High Heel? Please reach here let us know.


Founded in 1999, trendOne is a leading shoes supplier and footwear manufacturer from China, New Bentterly & EscceGlof & Chino Lamborich is our registered trademarks, We are committed to building a sustainable shoes B2B business for the long term, Embracing global diversity and inclusion for put the right values into practice, We aim to attract and motivate people who are committed to maintaining a long-term career with us, trendOne have professionally accredited training schemes for all the new staffs in every shoes process, We provide regular footwear updates to help our employees and communication understanding, Our engaging and diverse work environment is where groundbreaking concepts take off and fresh ideas get their chances to shine, We practice integrity and value teamwork, As well as ownership and excellent cooperation, Valuing everyone’s opinions and increasing to every shoes business challenge, Your right decision will be go with everything, This is your moment!

TrendOne Shoes have long history passion for perfect international footwear business, We need the right talents experiences and welcome creative and dynamic individual who strive for personal and professional shoes skill development as the following:
1, Provide footwear skill advice on designs, patterns and grading according to trendOne Shoes specification.
2, Selection of shoes quality manufacturer and professional footwear supplier.
3, TrendOne sampling management, From sketches to samples, From the design desk to the showroom.
4, Quality standards specification–The best quality is in the smallest of details, Inspection and quality control each stage of shoes products and each footwear manufacturer.
5, Pricing and budget control for each purchase, Payment condition negotiation with each shoes suppliers.
6, Order processing for mass products,
Clients approved all the details and then production starts.
7,Managing export quotation and documentary when necessary or possible,
Marketing discover and develop from customers demanding.
8, Negotiation and controling shoes suppliers exclusivity for trendOne global market if possible.
9, Logistics—Managing of transport and insurance both by air or by sea, Following the information of containers on the vessel.

Power your future and thinking you are the right fit? Join trendOne team on this journey today and Let’s create the dream of work together!


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