Footwear Knowledge

Let’s learn about the four major shoe capitals in China

When it comes to China's shoe capital, many people may think of wenzhou as their first choice, but in fact, it's not just wenzhou that is being called China's shoe capital.Fujian. Is located in fujian province jinjiang, although only 38.4 square kilometers, but since the reform and opening, has called the world's biggest sports shoes production base, so-called "Chinese shoes", there are more than 3000 footwear manufacturing enterprise, the light of the listed company has 12, as we are [...]

What are brogues, oxfords, and derbies?

Why everybody feels the man of Europe is general very handsome, because European man pays attention to gentleman etiquette most, the sort of inherent temperament, it is the detail accumulation that pays attention to the shoe on the foot.The first thing to say here isOxford shoes, Derby shoes are a type of shoe classificationBrogues are not shoe type classification!!!!Brogue shoesIt refers to the shoes with carved and hollow upper, and the shoes with jagged edges and splicing boundaries. Therefore, [...]

The handcraft outsole from Chinese culture

Throughout the history of shoe evolution, shoe culture has always been through the people's handicraft skills, integrated in the folk life of all living beings, and contained in the cultural heritage of the Chinese nation. Straw sandals, wooden clogs, ten fruit shoes, embroidery shoes, sticky boots, leather shoes...The change of Chinese history can be felt from the perspective of shoe culture.And handmade cloth shoe is right for a lot of 60 hind, 70 hind person, the object that cannot [...]

Why is it healthiest to have at least four pairs of shoes per person?

Some people don't wear shoes very carefully, or even wear only one pair of shoes all year long, until it "strikes". But you know what? If every day with the same pair of shoes "inseparable", not only is not conducive to the maintenance of shoes, the foot health hazard is greater.Because, this is, the same pair of shoe suffers crural ministry for a long time and the repeated friction with the ground, can bring about shoe certain place to [...]

A Pair Of Straw Shoes Will Win The Street Auction This Summer

Straw is one of the widely circulated folk handicraft method, the combination of traditional crafts and fashion, straw shoes suddenly from the "dorky" became more western style, so all kinds of brand to launch all kinds of straw shoes in this summer to meet the demand of fashion sprites, so ground and practical shoes in particular, how can you not of a pair of ~Say so, sorching summer must choose a pair of straw plait shoe, no matter be [...]

Summer Have a Pair Of Slit Skirt With Flat Bottom Shoe Show Your Big Long Leg

Fashionable sheet is tasted in endlessly, but not necessarily every suit everybody. Every year spring and summer want to appear of open the vent skirt to maintain fashionable degree while have ultrahigh reality to wear a gender again, no matter you are small person or it is the little fairy of flesh flesh, the golden triangle of open vent skirt can help your PS to give ferskyscraper big long leg!Slit Skirt + Flat ShoesStart road to smart and elegant [...]

The Union Of Sportsman And Tide Bound!

A few years ago, sneakers were considered a shoe style that had nothing to do with fashion. But sneakers have become more common in recent years, as the definition of "formal" and "casual" has become more ambiguous. Especially in the last one or two years, the situation has reversed. Red to even if no exercise habits of the people, will also hoard a few pairs of sneakers to rest assured. In this wave of popularity, "sneaker" is the most [...]

On The Road—Footprints Confirm Miracles

If there is a further destination, please let me know.Vision.Great vision, always let the long road to success full of courageYes, foresight is always the prelude to great things.To walk.The process between vision and feat is called walking.Somehow, in this utilitarian world, it seems outdated.But it is walking that brings out the precious wild instincts that have been with us since the beginning of time.Why do you like walking?The answer is: walking in the process can find their own [...]

Ancient Chinese Outdoor Shoes—Xie Clogs

There is an ancient Chinese story about outdoor shoes, it goes like this:Xie Lingyun, a poet in the southern Song dynasty, often wore wooden slippers when he went hiking, The wooden slippers have special wooden teeth on the palms of the front and back feet to prevent them from slipping on mountain roads, When Xie Lingyun went up the mountain, he removed the wooden teeth of the front shoe. When he went down the mountain, he installed the wooden [...]