Footwear Knowledge

What if you don’t want to wash your shoes?

What if you don't want to wash your shoes? Foreign invention automatic shoe washing machine, dirty shoes thrown in immediately become clean.As a lazy cancer terminal patient, to wash a shoe is resistent, the energy that ate milk to utter chi utter chi brush along while, did not brush clean do not say, the foot odour of that pure and fresh flies for a long time not to go. Some little associate for convenience, throw shoe directly inside washing [...]

Let’s learn about the four major shoe capitals in China

When it comes to China's shoe capital, many people may think of wenzhou as their first choice, but in fact, it's not just wenzhou that is being called China's shoe capital.Fujian. Is located in fujian province jinjiang, although only 38.4 square kilometers, but since the reform and opening, has called the world's biggest sports shoes production base, so-called "Chinese shoes", there are more than 3000 footwear manufacturing enterprise, the light of the listed company has 12, as we are [...]

What are brogues, oxfords, and derbies?

Why everybody feels the man of Europe is general very handsome, because European man pays attention to gentleman etiquette most, the sort of inherent temperament, it is the detail accumulation that pays attention to the shoe on the foot.The first thing to say here isOxford shoes, Derby shoes are a type of shoe classificationBrogues are not shoe type classification!!!!Brogue shoesIt refers to the shoes with carved and hollow upper, and the shoes with jagged edges and splicing boundaries. Therefore, [...]

The handcraft outsole from Chinese culture

Throughout the history of shoe evolution, shoe culture has always been through the people's handicraft skills, integrated in the folk life of all living beings, and contained in the cultural heritage of the Chinese nation. Straw sandals, wooden clogs, ten fruit shoes, embroidery shoes, sticky boots, leather shoes...The change of Chinese history can be felt from the perspective of shoe culture.And handmade cloth shoe is right for a lot of 60 hind, 70 hind person, the object that cannot [...]

A “handmaid’s tale” starring shoes

He does not consider the woman to be a "mature" work. In his view, "maturity" means "the sharpness has been worn away, the uniqueness has been smoothed out, the appearance of stability". He has no interest in doing mediocre, crowd-pleasing things. "do the most extreme thing you can, even if you get scolded."Zhou shengwei wrote and directed the stop-motion animated feature "female him" from the scrap heap.In 2013, when he graduated from college, he launched a wave of junk [...]

TrendOne Show You Naked Shoes

When you read this article, you are interested in shoes! First, you need to know what shoes you are buying or selling. There are two kinds of shoes on the market, one is real shoes, one is fake shoes! There is no third way to say, what real standard, company goods, super A, exactly the same as the real, are fraudulent. The correct way to open a shoe is to buy a shoe and sell a shoes. You can [...]

What’s the difference between moccasin shoes and beanie shoes?

Both are handmade, but the easiest way to tell is that the sole of the beanie is made of rubber. Moccasin shoes are called sewing shoes and mark shoes. With flat bottom, comfortable for characteristic.(originally heelless) flat, soft leather shoe worn by north American indians. A generic term for a shoe that holds the upper and sole (uppers) together by hand stitching. All shoes made by blouner's technique of making shoes by hand can be called mark shoes, and mark shoes. [...]

How does a girl choose a good pair of shoes

The shoe quality performance mainly is the shoe structure material quality and the factory craft technical level, also has the factory to the detail control, namely: USES the material -- the cutting -- the lathe labor -- the molding several aspects. The following is a standard description of what we can see when choosing shoes.Quality of shoe material includes vamp and inside of shoe two parts, should distin guish leather authenticity      Natural skin characteristics:     1, Strong smell and [...]

How to make a date on Chinese valentine’s day with one suitable shoes?

I remember when I was young, I could still see the stars in the sky at night. Every summer, an old and young neatly moved a small bench to sit in the courtyard under the grape arbor a number of stars, and the grandmother told us the story of the cowherd and the weaver girl,It is qixi festival, the most romantic of all traditional Chinese festivals. Golden wind jade dew a meet, will win the world countless. How to [...]

How To Pack Shoes Correctly?

The packaging mode of the shoe industry is basically the same, all by these several structures to carry out packaging. Tote bag, but this is not all shoe factories do, tote bag is for the convenience of consumers to carry, the second is for beauty, brand publicity. Shoebox, the shoe in consumer hand basically USES shoebox to pack, but still have a part to do not have shoebox (for example the kind that farmer friend often wears below the [...]