Footwear Marketing

Deep thinking: has the brand relied heavily on youth?

Many people born in the 1980s will find a phenomenon. Back when they were around 20 years old, GUCCI, LV and other luxury brands were all the symbols of aunts and uncles in our hearts. We young people will not choose these brands. Apart from the price factor, we think they are the brands of adults. However, today's luxury consumers have become all young people. Has been heavily dependent on young people This is why most people attribute it to Gucci's youthful [...]

Current situation and development trend of women’s shoes industry Internet + push online channel outbreak

China is the world's largest footwear production, consumer market China is the world's largest footwear manufacturing base, but also the world's largest footwear consumer market. Shoe sales will accelerate as China urbanizes further. Chinese women shoes industry development on the basis of processing production, mid and late ninety s, a number of brand shoes with its relatively clear brand strategy, product strategy, business strategy, the marketing network and the advantages of the supply chain coordination, rapid growth, after more than [...]

How to let “buy shoe” return market reason

In recent years, shoe speculation has become the hottest topic. A pair of shoes that cost 1,999 yuan will go up to 30,000 yuan in the second-hand market a day later. Skyrocketing prices have made some people easy to make a lot of money through shoe speculation, which has been fueled by stories of sudden wealth online.Huge demand is driven by crazy profits.In the eyes of capital, everything is speculation. Hot chase popular logo itself is not wrong, but [...]

India plans to raise import duties on shoes from China

An increase in imports of leather goods and shoes from China is alarming for India's leather industry amid a decline in exports of leather goods and shoes from India. While China is a major exporter of raw leather to India, India is an importer of shoes and other leather goods such as handbags, saddles and harnesses. Footwear is India's main import from China, accounting for about 68% of the total import of Indian footwear. Imports of leather, leather goods and [...]

The analysis about current situation and development prospect of 2019 sports industry—EscceGlof

Statistics show that thanks to the improvement of health awareness and the improvement of sports supporting facilities, Chinese people's participation in sports has increased significantly in recent years, and the demand for relevant sports products has increased. The sports apparel industry has developed rapidly. The size of China's sportswear market increased from 16.2 billion yuan in 2003 to 66.4 billion yuan in 2008. After that, due to the influence of macroeconomic environment, consumption upgrading and other factors, the growth rate [...]

Summer footwear quarterly report: sneakers may be hot for a few more seasons

In footwear, more and more consumers are prioritizing comfort and versatility. No wonder, then, that sportswear still accounts for a significant share of the market. According to NPD group's quarterly report on shoe sales, casual shoes once again outpaced fashion and performance shoes (including sandals, which are often popular in warm months). Sales in the sports lifestyle category, which NPD classifies as a leisure shoe subcategory, climbed 8% in the quarter, accounting for 85% of the growth in the leisure category [...]

The American shoe industry cannot decouple from China

Chairman of the American trade association: the American shoe industry cannot decouple from China."Both U.S. and Chinese manufacturers and consumers are victims of the U.S. government's tariff policies, from which no one can benefit."Matt priest, President of the national footwear wholesalers and retailers association, recently told the newspaper.The American shoe wholesalers and retailers association has more than 500 member companies, accounting for 90% of the shoe manufacturers in the United States."There has always been a voice in the United [...]

China shoes manufacturers how to face the new tariffs from US

China shoes factories and US footwear importer will be hit with the new tariffs? The American shoe industry has been one of the biggest casualties of the escalating trade war between the United States and China,US President ready announced a new round of tariffs on $300bn of Chinese imports that have not yet been levied. The 10% tariff will take effect from September 1. The new tariffs will affect consumer goods such as clothing, bedding and shoes. Shoe companies, in particular, will be hit hard.As much as 70% of shoes sold in the [...]

Analysis of global sports shoes market status and development trend—EscceGlof

However, these countries also have a large number of sneaker companies, whose products can meet most domestic demand, external product demand is not. China is the world's largest producer and exporter of sports shoes, with a total output of more than 1 billion pairs in 2017.Sneakers account for more than half of global exports in recent years; India is the world's second-largest sneaker producer after China, with about 400 shoe-making and related companies, but small and medium-sized enterprises account [...]

Portuguese imports of Chinese footwear have doubled in five years

According to the 2018 yearbook published by the world footwear, leather goods and parts association, Portugal's imports of Chinese footwear have nearly doubled in the past five years, to 97 million euros, or 23.6 million pairs of shoes, in 2018, dinheiro vivo reports. It is reported that China's footwear production is the world's largest undisputed, with a market share of 55.8 percent. Portugal is the world's 21st largest footwear producer, ranking 13th in the world in terms of value, at [...]