How does a girl choose a good pair of shoes

How does a girl choose a good pair of shoes

The shoe quality performance mainly is the shoe structure material quality and the factory craft technical level, also has the factory to the detail control, namely: USES the material — the cutting — the lathe labor — the molding several aspects. The following is a standard description of what we can see when choosing shoes.

  • Quality of shoe material includes vamp and inside of shoe two parts, should distin guish leather authenticity

      Natural skin characteristics:

     1, Strong smell and thick thickness of genuine leather, generally larger than                     1.0m/m, resistant to torture.

     2,Full of many fine pores, permeability is good.

     3, The dermis is obviously stratified and in a transitional state.

     4, Good softness, luster, longitude enough, not easy to deformation after molding.

  • Check the stitching line of upper and the bonding degree of upper bottom to identify the quality of processing

See if there are broken, upper sutures are neat specifications. In particular, adhesive leather shoes upper binding parts should be glued flat without grooves, and the depth and width of the glue exudation and opening should not be more than 1mm and not more than 2 places. Requirements: the distance between the sewing line and the leather edge is generally set as 1-1.5mm. The margins are uniform, the line is uniform, and there is no jumper or broken line.

  • Touch the inner cavity of the shoe to see if there is any uneven phenomenon in the shoe and inner sole

Where it touches the foot, it should not be uneven, or it will blister. The insole must have an insole that is designed to keep the inside of the shoe clean, cover the uneven stitching in the insole, and improve the feel of the foot.

  • Check whether the front and back sides are qualified when climbing, and require that the front and back sides should be aligned with the middle line respectively, and no skew should be allowed.
  • Press on the inner bottom of the waist to see if it is firm

The insole of a shoe is the trunk and skeleton of the shoe. Skeleton and trunk are not stiff, shoes must be out of shape, damage to the foot.

  • Place the shoe at will on a horizontal table or glass panel to see if the shoe is smooth

When the shoe is placed on the table, stop shaking from side to side immediately.

  • Insert the tip of your middle finger under the sole of your front tip to see if the height is right

When the toe of the toe just enough to point to the belly thickness of the middle finger, that the toe of the front of the stilt is appropriate. When the toe of the front stilt is too large, stability decreases; The front stilt too hour, the shoe sole wear fast, the shoe easy deformation, the foot easy fatigue. Use a ruler to measure whether the toe is parallel. Whether the middle side is parallel, and the heel is parallel.

  • Place the shoe flat on the table and check whether it is straight from the front and back

After facing from shoe head first, see sole inside and outside edge distance desktop warped dimension, should difference is not big, in order to maintain balance consistent had better. From the heel of the shoe forward again, check whether the heel of the shoe up and down vertical, not to the inside or outside of the tilt is good.

  • Check the symmetry of the shoe’s face parts and whether the upper contour is distorted

Take the straight line between the tip of the shoe and the middle point of the heel as the axis of symmetry, and see whether the parts on the vamp are symmetrical. It is better that the inside and outside are symmetrical without moving forward and backward. The contour line of the shoe mouth should be folded inside the shoe. It is better to be smooth and round. Twisted into lotus leaf shape for inferior shoes.

  • Know the properties of the outsole and choose the right one

The following are the material differences of the outsole: the compound rubber outsole is widely used in casual shoes

  1. Leather sole:

Leather sole is a kind of sole that can automatically breathe and drive the feet to breathe. It has good air permeability and does not suffocate the feet. It can release the absorbed sweat automatically to keep the feet dry. Leather sole is given priority to with cowhide, the price is higher. Its advantages are easy to shape, unchanged, fit foot, good elasticity, can reduce impact and not easy to fatigue, ventilation, absorption of moisture, and at the same time easy to process, type easy to show aesthetic feeling. Hard texture is not easy to Pierce, but by water, oil soaked easy warping deformation or rot. Its main features: A, good thermal insulation to ensure the right temperature of the foot in the shoe B, light weight, weight per square centimeter in 0.95 ~ 1.05 grams, exactly the same as the density of water. It is waterproof and releases moisture when the shoe is no longer wet, keeping the shoe in a comfortable condition. C, unique 3d fiber structure, the sole does not break when bending 180 degrees. It quickly ADAPTS to the shape of the foot, effectively supports the impact of the ground, and provides more effective foot protection than soles of other materials of the same thickness.

  1. Rubber sole (RB) :

RB is the abbreviation of rubber. Thermocompression molding, natural rubber and recycled rubber. Heavy quality, not resistant to oil, molding bottom must be roughened in the fitting surface, easy to shorten by heating, color is inconsistent.

Advantages: good wear resistance, anti-skid, elastic, not easy to break, good softness, good extension, stable contraction, good hardness, good bending, waterproof.

Disadvantages: heavy, easy to spit frost (quality problem), not easy to corrosion (environmental protection problem);Not hard, easy to penetrate; Permeability, moisture absorption is not good, afraid of oil immersion, should not be in the car gas station and other places in contact with oil wear.

A: the weight of rubber foam is lighter than the rubber sole, and it has rubber taste

  • Whether the shoe molding is qualified

Hold both feet in your hand to see if the toe tip is the same. Is the height of the toe to the eye the same? Is the heel height the same?


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