How to make a date on Chinese valentine’s day with one suitable shoes?

How to make a date on Chinese valentine’s day with one suitable shoes?

I remember when I was young, I could still see the stars in the sky at night. Every summer, an old and young neatly moved a small bench to sit in the courtyard under the grape arbor a number of stars, and the grandmother told us the story of the cowherd and the weaver girl,

It is qixi festival, the most romantic of all traditional Chinese festivals. Golden wind jade dew a meet, will win the world countless. How to make a date on Chinese valentine’s day? How can you best appear in front of him? trendOne, get ready for the chic and casual you!

Red is the color of love. Let’s take a look at the classic Chinese red sandals. Perfect control of lady wind and royal sister wind, let you in this summer completely cool and refreshing sense full ah!

A pair of unstable high heels, will let you “treading on thin ice”, start road to timid, wearing no matter how beautiful is not beautiful. Even flat shoes will give you the confidence to take every step.

The classic white color, representing romance and innocence, not luxury nor low-key, this is our simple and precious love.

It is often said that you fall in love with a city because of one person. However, I believe that you who wear trendOne shoes will fall in love with a brand because of a pair of shoes. Comfort, fashion, trend, lady, leisure,,, style ten million style one-stop meet love fashion and leisure you. Hurry to the store to see, qixi date how to match? trendOne is ready for you!

How to make a date on Chinese valentine's day with one suitable shoes

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