Jinjiang Sports Shoes Development History And Current Situation

Jinjiang Sports Shoes Development History And Current Situation

Jinjiang city of Fujian province is the largest shoes industry base in Asia, Special for sport shoes and sneakers products, And its industrial effect is obvious to all. “China’s shoe capital” has broad connotation and far-reaching influence.

Why does Jinjiang become shoe capital?

One, industry gathers hasten shoes city:

China shoes capital project carries the mission of Jinjiang shoe industry development and emerges at the historic moment in Jinjiang shoe industry cluster, Modern enterprises have entered the era of small profits, the emphasis on “time to earn profits”, the requirements of management and speed, The development of Jinjiang shoes industry has been standing at the forefront of China’s shoes industry, with obvious advantages of industrial cluster, and the application of a series of modern management systems, such as the construction, logistics, transportation and other series of supporting facilities, business philosophy, etc., in China’s shoe capital, the formation of Chinese shoes is self-evident.

Two, the brand starts to urge shoe:

Jinjiang from the reform and opening up of the manual workshop production, has become a real world sports shoes production base, relying on the original accumulation and Jinjiang people “love to dare to win” spirit, some enterprises have made considerable development, the establishment of their own brand.

Three, Famous brand exhibition gives birth to shoe capital:

The shoe is a name card of Jinjiang. Since 1999, Jinjiang held an international shoe expo in front of its own home, which is an influential exhibition in Jinjiang city and drawing close to the international famous shoe exhibition, Jinjiang is famous for its shoes.

How to maintain its own advantages while steady development, and the international shoe industry in line with each Jinjiang shoe businesses and even Chinese shoe businesses must consider the problem, The project of China shoes capital is the result of facing up to the development prospect of Jinjiang shoes industry and even the whole China shoes industry from the development status and cultural environment of Jinjiang shoes industry.

China shoes from raising footwear enterprise research and development ability, management ability, the enhancement enterprise talent quality, promote enterprise benign competition aspects best way and the most advanced ideas, in line with the “build good shoes, return folks” concept, Jinjiang footwear industry and even the Chinese shoe industry provides a standardized, large-scale, international big stage.

Jinjiang is a place of miracles. Martin Luther King, Jr. famously said, “I have a dream.” Chinese shoe also has a dream, make Asian the biggest shoe industry is professional market namely. During the downturn in traditional foreign trade, Jinjiang’s cross-border e-commerce has entered a golden age, and it will help Jinjiang realize this dream, TrendOne Shoes base on his strongly footwear resouce more than 15 years and have the same dream like JinJiang city for the future.

TrendOne Shoes Company With Her Private Brands Base on JinJiang City China

TrendOne Shoes Company With Her Private Brands Base on JinJiang City China


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