On The Road—Footprints Confirm Miracles

On The Road—Footprints Confirm Miracles

If there is a further destination, please let me know.


Great vision, always let the long road to success full of courage

Yes, foresight is always the prelude to great things.

To walk.

The process between vision and feat is called walking.

Somehow, in this utilitarian world, it seems outdated.

But it is walking that brings out the precious wild instincts that have been with us since the beginning of time.

Why do you like walking?

The answer is: walking in the process can find their own true.

Walking can be a toddler’s delight.

Walking is a process of pushing the limits.

In fact, it is walking that makes history.

Time will tell the history to prove the great man’s farsightedness.

And it is actually a small number of people who change the world.

They possess not only the gift of bravery, but also the savagery of fierceness.

They have an indescribable longing for a place far away.

For them, “on the road” is a way of being.

If you see them in the city once in a while, they’ll say,

“If there is a further destination, please let me know.”

Footprints confirm miracles.

Do not ask me why I walk, that does not need a reason.

The reality.

To live in the city is to dream of the country.

In reality but hope to be born in dreams.

On the sixth day, five days later, in the morning, looking into the distance.

The mountains in the distance are full of beauty and temptation.

Although not to, the heart yearns for it.

Yes, always need space, there is space to be real.

In doubt.

Why is a relatively rich life unhappy?

Why is the smooth road not exciting enough?

Where can I find a wild instinct that has not been unleashed for a long time?

Don’t talk about achievement, challenge or honor.

Because they have nothing to do with the nature of human existence.

In fact, we are always on the road.

The world is too big for most people.

In fact, each person has their own limited territory.

When walking becomes a necessary way of being.

They kept walking, recording their lives with their footprints.

Don’t ask why, because they will say:

“Walking is an instinct and you don’t need a reason.”

Footprints confirm miracles.

Do not replace the walking environment, at least can replace a pair of shoes

Walking is a hobby of some people.

It is the necessity of life.

Chino Lamborich On The Road---Your Footprints Confirm Yours Miracles

Chino Lamborich On The Road—Your Footprints Confirm Yours Miracles

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