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World first! Running shoes without tops were born…

Israel develops stunning "open-top running shoes"!Only sole and uppers, comfortable, breathable, do not fall! The Link flip-shoe, the world's first pair of flip-shoes, has been developed by a team of Israeli researchers. The Link flip-shoe looks a bit like a convertible run in a car and has an open upper. Hence the nickname "open-top running shoes". The entire pair has an open design with no upper and only sole. Sole is made of breathable EVA material with anti-odor and anti-bacterial characteristics, [...]

Customization is the future: 4D running shoes are constantly updated

With the explosive growth of artificial intelligence, virtual interaction, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, customization trend swept the world, automobile, sneakers, skin care products, cosmetics, accessories, food and other industry brands are actively launching "one-to-one" products or services, strive to win the future with non-standard products. Zara and Levi's both plan to offer bespoke jeans; Kao launched customized skin care products based on genetic information; Neutrogena released the first miniature 3d-printed Mask iD; Adidas 4D running shoes are [...]