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China Designer Decorated The Upper With Bow

Sometimes people need a real casual slipper to put on the shoes indoors when they want to go out for a rest. The lining is made of pig skin, breathable and comfortable. Our designers have made the loafers more and more popular by using genuine leather in the vamp material.Be a sunshine girl. Life is an art, just like our smooth loafers. It looks like a girl in a happy mood rising and dancing. Fashion and art combine to enhance [...]

Fashion Women’s Shoes Brand Youth Strategy—trendOne

We are now talking about brand youth, we must distinguish between the two concepts of youth and popular logo."Said meryl, a brand observer at China shoe network. Brand youth is the transformation of brand restructuring, brand new departure will hurt bones, and popular logo is the brand to meet young consumers strategy.Brands do not always need to be young, because this risk is very high, meaning that you may lose the original brand foundation, may also lose the original [...]