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The American shoe industry cannot decouple from China

Chairman of the American trade association: the American shoe industry cannot decouple from China."Both U.S. and Chinese manufacturers and consumers are victims of the U.S. government's tariff policies, from which no one can benefit."Matt priest, President of the national footwear wholesalers and retailers association, recently told the newspaper.The American shoe wholesalers and retailers association has more than 500 member companies, accounting for 90% of the shoe manufacturers in the United States."There has always been a voice in the United [...]

China shoes manufacturers how to face the new tariffs from US

China shoes factories and US footwear importer will be hit with the new tariffs? The American shoe industry has been one of the biggest casualties of the escalating trade war between the United States and China,US President ready announced a new round of tariffs on $300bn of Chinese imports that have not yet been levied. The 10% tariff will take effect from September 1. The new tariffs will affect consumer goods such as clothing, bedding and shoes. Shoe companies, in particular, will be hit hard.As much as 70% of shoes sold in the [...]