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Ancient Chinese Outdoor Shoes—Xie Clogs

There is an ancient Chinese story about outdoor shoes, it goes like this:Xie Lingyun, a poet in the southern Song dynasty, often wore wooden slippers when he went hiking, The wooden slippers have special wooden teeth on the palms of the front and back feet to prevent them from slipping on mountain roads, When Xie Lingyun went up the mountain, he removed the wooden teeth of the front shoe. When he went down the mountain, he installed the wooden [...]

The Possibilities Of Opportunity Are Endless—Shoes Story

A few days ago I saw an anecdote about starting a shoe line – there is no one wears shoes on the island, Let's see what kind of anecdote this is.Two shoe factories in England and the United States each sent a salesman to an island in the Pacific Ocean to find a market. The day after the two salesmen arrived, each sent a telegram back to his factory. One telegram read: "no one is wearing shoes on this [...]

An alternative story about shoes — the dignity of shoes

Does the shoe have dignity after all? Or how important are shoes to a person? Is it just a necessary tool for us to walk? I think the below two stories are worth thinking about. At the same time, we also believe that only designers who endow shoes with dignity and life can make truly comfortable shoes. What do you think? Story 1: In front of a shoe store, a luxurious lady was trying to choose leather shoes. At last, she [...]