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Graphene shoes – the future of footwear

Graphene has many wonderful USES. It's a so-called miracle material that proves it has so many advantages that it's hard to understand how impressive it is. Graphene is made from graphite. Graphite was first mined 450 years ago in the lakes of northern England. Graphene is a million times thinner than a human hair. It's more conductive than copper. If you know nothing about materials science, learn from me that copper is highly conductive! Graphene is also transparent and very [...]

Do you know what is shoes exchange?

Haven't even heard of the shoes exchange? Congratulations on being thrown out of time. Is the sneaker exchange, said a little more simply, is the sneaker when the stock speculation.As someone who is a little older, like me, it's unbelievable to hear it for the first time. But think again, sneakers are also a commodity? What's the difference between soybeans, apples, wheat and oil? If you have supply and demand, you can stir-fry.So where does supply and demand go?See [...]

How far is 3D printing in intelligent footwear industry?

Shoes 3D printing has become mature in the application of shoe manufacturing. Why shoes manufacturers use 3D printing has been interpreted before (link). 3D printing has the advantages of accelerating sample production, fast mold, short production cycle, synchronous one-key printing of structure and pattern, and clean, clean and noiseless production workshop, which are the prerequisites for realizing intelligent factories."Made in China 2025" proposes to promote the intelligent manufacturing process. Through the construction of intelligent factories, it promotes the simulation [...]